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Oatmeal in a variety of flavors
You can not decide whether it is more delicious or more healthy. Discover the best way to open the day fresh, with a series of fine oats rich in vitamins and minerals, giving a feeling of satiety and helps lower cholesterol and rehabilitate the digestive system. >>
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Syrups for coffee
There are things that one cannot be without, like coffee in the morning and Iced drink in the summer.And now you can enjoy them even more, with a series of luxurious beverage syrups and aromatic flavors of coffee, vanilla, Irish cream, hazelnuts and caramel, and a refreshing beverage syrup series such as strawberry, passion fruit and watermelon flavors.
Natural Sweeteners
Also delicious, even dietetic. New fun sucking water with Sweet Lite - low-calorie sweeteners series based on sucralose flavored peach, lemon and apple.
Blends of tea and herbal infusions
When England meets Egypt. Pyramid structure of the teapot is not only more impressive looking, but also gives a strong taste and quality and rich intoxicating aroma. Served in a variety of flavors.
Series of new sauces
Want to spice up your life with new experiences? The new series of gourmet sauces make each dish a culinary experience and salad celebration, with a variety of flavors and fragrances from around the world. >>see more
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